Who are these girls?


Hey girls!

I’m sure you are all wondering who we are and why you should listen to what we have to say! First of all, that’s me, on the right. Well, Margot and I have been best friends for years now! We met in college at Bryant University. I was a sophomore on the dance team and she was the new hot blonde freshman girl wearing the “crop top” to the first day of practice. Mostly everyone on the team was jealous of her, but me – I knew we were destined to be besties!

Since then, we left the initial dance team we were on and decided that we should create our own dance team on campus! We had a vision to become the Bryant University Dance Team who would dance on the sidelines, during timeouts, and at halftime during Bulldog football and basketball games. Our vision came true! The Bryant University Dance Team is now an athletic and competitive dance team on campus consisting of 15 driven and talented girls!

By now your probably thinking – so what, they created a dance team together, right? Wrong! Not only do we dance together, but we also co-host a TV show called Fashionably Blonde. Our show is in it’s second season, but this year our TV studio is getting renovated – think E news TV set – and we are taking Fashionably Blonde to another level!

That brings me to my next point which is how our blog comes into play. Well, it’s here I will be posting pictures and videos of topics Margot and I are going to cover throughout each week of our show!

Join us as we make you Fashionably Blonde – for all skin types. Your one stop shop for fashion, beauty, and entertainment tips and secrets!


@MarGOTskillz and@OMGitsNORELL